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Who is the GrooVy Foody?

The GrooVy Foody is food writer, Vanessa Nix Anthony’s web handle.

V is a freelance writer and foody with purple hair and a penchant for the 80′s  (– and yes, she knows it’s actually spelled food-ie! Wanna know “Y?”) At home, she cooks up the best of what Portland  has to offer, using fresh, local, organic, and sustainable ingredients, as much as she can, to feed her hubby and son.

What does “Everything Food-y from the Root-y to the Tutti” mean?

It means everything that a food enthusiast would enjoy:

  • Product and local restaurant reviews
  • Recipes
  • Books and movies with food themes
  • Food related contests
  • Food News
  • Pontifications and extrapolations on the world of food

Most of all it means sparking conversation in the form of talking about the one thing that unites us all — food.


How Does the “Root-y” and “Tutti” Breakdown?

  • “. . .from the root-y” = root vegetables like carrots, turnips, beets, radishes, potatoes etc., (they taste. . . well. . .root-y.)
  • “. . .to the tutti” = as in tutti frutti ice cream and other delicious treats
  • “. . .from the root-y to the tutti” = from veggies to dessert (and everything in between.)

Wanna know more?

Check out “Y” or look for Vanessa’s work on The Portland Writer, Infinite Monkey or Writer’s Block on Oregonlive.com.


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